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 - Philth


Philth is a Drum and Bass producer and DJ from North London who's been creating the darkest, fithiest basslines in the business since his college days. Presenting only the freshest techy bass-laden steppers and rollers on his radio show on Origin for nearly a decade, Philth has somehow found time to release on the likes of Dispatch Recordings, Peer Pressure, Flexout Audio, Automate and Soul Deep.Cherry picking favourite tunes from the past and incorporating them with a relentless siege of dubs, his frantic, high-energy sets are swiftly becoming something of legend.Rarely found anywhere other than behind decks or in the studio, Philth's passion for drum and bass is evident in his astonishing body of work, which has only taken him a few years to accumulate. This hyperactive energy translates into some of the most inventive drum and bass on the scene; this double whammy of prolific beat-making and astonishing ear for unique sounds has pushed Philth to the top of his game.Why does he love what he does? “Music is so powerful. I want to create that perfect monster bassline but somehow wrap it up in pretty emotive music, to write music that connects with people...... there's nothing like throwing new tunes out there and watching people lose it. I'm hooked.”