- DJ Antention


With harsh titles such as Final Words, Dictator and Fire Boss, the message from this Russian mad scientist is loud and clear. This is not the soundtrack for the next summer love comedy with Sandra Bullock and Matthew Mcconaughey.More like the Terminator meets Apocalypse Now in an epic battle until the bitter end. If you survive listening to these punishing three new tracks by DJ Antention, you will realize that a new master has taken the thrown of the Electro-Core empire. This guy is clearly out to punish his fans by catapulting huge basses and distorted sound walls at their already crushed skulls.With sinister samples propagating Will you not die or Step on me, the Freakz Me Out act has nothing good in mind. His latest Fire Boss EP is strictly peek and freak out time material, DJ Antention surely would not have it any other way. To spice up this already fiery release, the Russian sound dictator has handpicked two comrades to give his brutal musical attacks a facelift. My E.T. and Blaster are the lucky ones to give the track Dictator a fresh suite.So if you have any final words for the fire boss dictator, make it snappy, you might not live to see another day...