- You Killing Me


In Germany there is an old saying which goes a something like this: In der Kurze liegt die Wurze. Say what!? Translated the Krauts basically wanted to pass this wisdom onto us: All things short are extremely poignant.This might not be true in all cases, but after hearing the hotter than hot new track by You Killing Me, I can only agree with the land of Lederhosen and Sauerkraut .My Religion might only be a spicy 2 minutes and 48 seconds long, but these two Vaticans tell a short story which covers everything you ever wanted to know about a great club tune. A direct introduction with the central theme wrapped around its neck, a powerful and catchy main part with its wonderful ups and downs, and the dreamy outro with a stupendous happy ending. Looking for something else? Then you must be out of your bloody mind, because this fresh Freakz Me Out record is simply God damn good.The counterpart of this up coming release is also a sure shot. Sinner leaves of where My Religion stopped and wastes no time in conquering any dance floor.The brilliant remixes by Karetus, dubstep insanity, and Dead C.A.T. Bounce&The Noisy Freaks are also a chip of the old block and give the originals a well deserved rest. Don ́t worry, these boys can play ball.You need a new religion? Then become a believer and join the church of You Killing Me.