- Autodidakt


I did instrumental Hip Hop under my aUtOdiDakt alias before and after my main band IMP-ACT (who did Drum & Bass with Trash Metal guitars and jamaican Ragga-Mcs) was signed to Sony/BMG and the album was never released because the A&R switched and the new one thought it was not commercial enough, I was in need for a new outlet for my urge to do fierce stuff. That’s why I then changed the aUtOdiDakT sound drastically and brought the hard stuff in, although I was doing really well in the meantime by smoking weed and Dj-ing in posh clubs with Downbeat sound...and it was the best decision I ever made in my life!Everything that happened afterwards: like not being in need of getting a „real“ job after I finished university, getting the chance to remix some of my favorite artists , playing in foreign countries like australia, south-africa or korea, doing the Mahtrasher sublabel or being lucky enough to establish germanys biggest party-series for both hard electro (Kaputtraven) and dubstep (Kaputtdubben) are down to this single decision!