- Ninja Kore


The Ninja Kore were born in the riot streets of Portugal in 2010 and it did not took them long to take the drum & bass scene by storm.Soon after the masked gang introduced themselves to the crowds, it escalated fast and naturally. The band has been metamorphosing itself into perfection and is now a nucleus of 5.They also play has a 2 or 3 man show in a dj set where they play not only their own productions but also their favourite tracks. In the live band show, they combine the actual instruments with some electronic fusion and what comes out is a big energetic show.The past years have been a rowing road for the Ninja Kore and they are now an unavoidable name in the dubstep / drum & bass scene.In Europe, they are "crowd-goes-mad" makers and internationally they are a rising star. With several original dancefloor hits, in the beginning of 2013 the giant Beatport has selected one of their tracks as one of 2013's Top 10 biggest drops.