- Din Mist


Nobody could imagine that Hugo Huete Hervas AKA "Din Mist" gonna give his life to the electronic music.He was born in Ciudad Real, a small town in Spain, son of a parents who work like shop assistants, when he was 13 he discovered and start to love the electronic music.. with artist like Boards of Canada, Radiohead, Autreche, how give him his dark and hidden side between techno and the electronic most experimental.Anyway the stuff what define for real this artist is : he is totally self-taught. The Din Mist 's beginning was so hard.. few stuff for work and starting from nothing he get made sophisticated and deep sounds nearly hypnotic stuff.in fact he made his music sitting down on the floor in his old "9 square meters" where he was creating his first EPs Ageless, and Isaura .This talented artist is going to get a future full of successes...