- Delete (aka Sergio Munoz)


Sergio Muñoz is a DJ/Producer that has certainly started to make a name for himself, and all at the tender age of only 22 years old! In a very short space of time Sergio has not only mastered the art of dj-ing but has also turned his hand to his own productions, which are starting to make waves in the dance community. Sergio's style is very much his own, fusing deep house grooves with the more minimal techno side of the electronic house revolution. His first productions were very influenced by house music. Now in days he has created his alter ego Delete, signing his releases on labels like Safari Electronique,Frankie, Sci+Tec, Leftroom, Discos de Lata, Minibus,Capsula amongst others. Sergio has gained the huge support from djs like Richie Hawtin, Magda, Dubfire, Gregor Tresher, Tiefschwarz and many more... Delete is now working on his studio for more upcoming productions!!! Dont miss his upcoming releases and gigs!!!