- Darkowski


Since his childhood Darkowski (born 1992) always had a passion for music. By the influence of his parents he always came in contact with Techno music. Stamped by the 90s, Darkowski got a lot of inspiration from artists like Sven Väth , Der Dritte Raum, Kraftwerk, Paul Kalkbrenner, Rush, Chris Liebling , Lützenkirchen .....At the age of fourteen, Darkowski started to play with vinyl. After that he had to get formed, so he made a break with Music, but 2014 he had his comeback and his debute at the Treibhaus Club in Switzerland.Following, there were other public appearances. 2015 he already had the chance to go to Ibiza, where he could perform for the Radio Ibiza White Fm (Tantra Ibiza).2016, He went from Wien to Linz, Berlin and Zurich to play at different clubs.At the beginning of the year 2017, Darkowski began to produce his own music. Naughty Pills Limitless then released his first EP which was called “XTC”With his drifty, dark to psychedelic Techno, Darkowski is always trying his best to thrill the ravers trough space and time.