- Bad Omen


Bad Omen, born on May 26, 1995. Colombian DJ / Producer / Remixer of Techno & Hip- Hop who likes to experiment with sounds from Disco, Funk, Jazz and Latin percussion. When he graduated from college, he got the instrument he wanted since his childhood and decided to fulfill what he dreamed of, playing drums. Starting from empiricism, since 2012, he began to inquire more about music, with musical influences coming from Metal, Punk & Hip-Hop; he began to produce their own electronic music. In 2017 he started his own Hip-Hop record label, IG Mafia Records.From there he has dedicated his time to his first love, trying to offer something more with different sounds and musical influences. Bad Omen has participated in events in the city of Ibagué that have undoubtedly left a mark in the process of generating culture in this city, heating tracks with his style of mix Techno for great national and international artists such as UVB, Exos, Lukas Freudenberger, Gotshell, The Yellowheads, Alex Young, Alessan Main and Andres Gil; Causing great sensation in those ears that perceive and appreciate the local electronic music.Bookings & Remix Request: Badomenofficial@hotmail.com