- Class A


Class AAfter only 2 years on the scene, this Israeli duo got signed on the prestigious Progressive Trance label Blue Tunes Records. An impressing proof of their talent- and definitely a good explanation for their project name: Class A.Having a closer look, the musical careers of Ghost Rider Vlad Krivoshein and Ranji Ran Rajuan from Tel Aviv begin much earlier. It is the late 90s and computers are still heavyweight machinery when the two of them discover the creative joy of “Impulse Tracker”, an early music sequencer. A few sleepless nights later it becomes clear: Electronic music production shall be a mayor part of their lives! However, it takes more than a decade until they arrive in the Progressive Trance scene. First solo tracks are released under the monikers Ghost Rider (Vlad) and Ranji (Ran) before the two of them eventually join forces.The vast experience with various technologies and styles which the duo gathered over the years is clearly noticeable when listening to their productions. They are characterized by a multitude of different elements and a very open-minded feeling. The basic vibe is deep and atmospheric, full of subtle psychoacoustics and multi-layered build-ups, taking ever new turns.In 2012 they are signed on Blue Tunes Records with a first EP named “Classic”. A truly classic piece of music that stirs excited anticipations of what might be next from Class A