- Chris Hearing


DJ and Producer based in Düsseldorf,Germany, born in the 80ies and involved from around 8 years in the electronic dance music scene, influenced and captivated.He found his first medium for music production on the drums by his father. The foundation stone was laid for rhythmic maneuver. His interest in techno and minimal music grew fast and he soon discovered the beautiful world of electronic musicin time for the Millennium, the need for techno music became an addiction which is of course most bearable if you look from the consumer to the dealer does. And it was exactly what Chris did! His first equipment consisted of two belt- driven turntables and a 2 channel mixer! After a few successful private parties, he quickly gained the attention of the clubs and played even national bookings like Kazantip festival in the Ukraine, nature one,Ruhr in love and summer spirit in Germany.Since 2010 he ground with his beautiful girlfriend the party series AusserKontrolle which is more and more coming. The most important for him is a family atmosphere on his parties and people remember that. 2013 he started his own Label AK Lieder with straight,atmospheric,experimental and mechanical sounds which are creating a clear and definite line.