- Escape to Mars


While the long lasting experience of travelling to all corners of the universe of techno musica man was born out of the aim to create a feeling of weightlessness on planet earth. Guided by the bright light of thousands of solar systems he ensured to always hit the core of self-expectation.After a long journey trough almost never ending black holes wich tought him the Feeling or vastness of sound and the brutality of the deep cold dark,he finally freed his self with the strong intention to bring this gain back to his original.He catched fire while entering the atmosphere and promtly after hitting the hard ground he started to create something that was brought from the void to fill us up with purpose.The flames spread over to humanity.Suddenly sanity disappeared and rained down as a burning meteorite shower.But the traveller realized that this planet could never compensate the rich sonority and banging impuls wich was made to explode.Hindered by the limits of planet earth he finally decided to use his decided energy to take the human population with him back to space to let them feel the infinity of sound.