- Cajetanus


Loving quality house and techno music, the groove and vibe of Cajetanus' music style is influenced by his love for early house and techno productions and inspired by trips to clubs like Studio 80, Robert Johnson and Gewoelbe.It was around the year 2010 that he first stepped into the clubbing scene and started to playing at clubs near his hometown. It was not long until he was able to convince with his style and became a resident member of Plan B Club Siegen, where actually plays DJs like iO (Mulen), Yoshitaca, Christian Burkhardt, Adam Port and Einzelkind, to name just a few. Since autumn of 2016, Cajetanus is an integral part of the Nachtisch crew.Not only behind the decks, the past few years have seen him capture his production style, influenced by artists such as Julian Perez, Malin Genie, Nick Beringer or Sakro. In the year of 2014, Cajetanus was added to the Little Helpers family and dropped down an energetic EP which was played by some of the best DJs in the world.For his release on the Italian-based label Extravaganza, the french producer and label owner Loquace was picked up for a brilliant remix.Cajetanus' sound now goes well beyond deep, minimal and house grooves, pushing a unique sound that has continuously provided a soundtrack for some of the best club experiences.