- Bart Marley


DJ Bart Marley Aspires to Deliver a New Fresh Dj Style andProduces a Unique Sound.Bart Marley's passion for music started his Dj career 20 years ago. He has developed a great ear for choosing only the best edgy dance music.His current sound consists of a mixture between Hous e/Tech/Techno.Bart has been co-owner of Retro Music for the past 9 years... Working at Retro has allowed Bart to work with Dj's and Producers from all corners of the continent.Retro Music is a platform for people like you and me to learn how to Dj and Produce in a professional, one on one environment..Bart has recently been invited by beatport to do a monthly dj chart along with selling his dj mixes on their platform... Beatport is the number one platform for dj's to source their music worldwide.Bart has been traveling to Ibiza for the past couple of years and has just recently returned from the Island's 2013 Opening Parties to further educate his knowledge about the Industry and returns home each year with new insight and passion for Djing and Producing.He is currently also producing his own music thru his new digital record label called Beats Forward.All the releases of Beats Forward will be released exclusively for two weeks thru Beatport.comHope you enjoy the releases.