- Arkasia


Arkasia's rise to the upper echelons of the EDM world has been nothing short meteoric. One of the brightest shining lights to emerge from the electronic music scene in recent times, his music has earned him critical acclaim from all corners of the globe and a quickly growing die-hard fan base. Arkasia's music fronts a level of maturity and understanding all too rarely seen in the EDM world. A sublime sense of space, structure and flow gives his sound a refreshing point of difference. His monstrous compositions are moving, powerful and uplifting, enchanting and haunting, and touch the very depths of your soul. Arkasia's musical calling came at the tender age of five when he mastered the violin, and continued well into his teens, where he was composing mini-operas by age 15. His broad musical roots and experience playing in both orchestras and metal bands is evident throughout his compositions, however his creations reach far beyond the realms of Classical and Metal, IDM, Dubstep and Drum&Bass into uncharted territories. His music has been featured in a variety of films including the major motion picture Elysium starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster and ever since his music first hit the airwaves he's racked up a relentless series of Beatport #1 chart positions. The horizon is all too bright for Arkasia, every project he touches exemplifies his diverse grasp of powerful composition, rich textural depth and an unrivaled vision for new electronic music without boundaries!https://www.facebook.com/ArkasiaConcept http://soundcloud.com/arkasiaconcept https://twitter.com/ArkasiaConcept