- Varien


With a genuine love of combining unconventional instruments in a conventional setting, it is no wonder that Varien (Nick Pittsinger, 21) has everyone talking about him. His work has garnered the attention of many, landing a spot on Skrillex's "Bangerang EP" and getting over 250,000+ YouTube views with his originals.His musical style has been described as John Williams or Danny Elfman meets electronic dance music, combining instruments like hang drums, choirs, electric guitars, sitars and cellos into his bass-heavy, filthy productions. The result is something entirely original - organic, musical and cinematic melodies and atmospheres that seemlessly blend into a whirlwind of filthy bass noises. With his knowledge of music theory and background as a video game music composer, Varien hopes to continue to push the boundaries of electronic music, and make something to call completely his own. His track "Mirrors" smashed the top 10 dubstep chart on Beatport in under two days, something rarely seen!Varien's future is already set to take him past the limit and into new territory, doing official remixes for people like Gareth Emery and Mt Edemi, continuing to release tracks on Monstercat and Beatport, and touring across the world.