- High Klassified


Within the shadows of Laval, Quebec a cultural revolution has been brewing. At the epicenter, High Klassified, the 21- year old French-Canadian beat king of the movement. Drawing from influences ranging from the JRPGs he grew up playing, to the laid-back demeanor of his city, High Klassified’s music is a reflection of his life: every cut meticulously crafted with equal measures heart and soul to create slowed, deep percussive beauty. It is this meticulous, calculated attention to his craft that has garnered the attention of his peers, and has his name whispered in secret circles of those in the know.High Klassified is transcending his musical moniker. He is evolving into a cultural entity- an amalgamation of music, fashion, art, and a general state of mind, all tenets functioning in perfect harmony with one an other, akin to his beats .At the center- a charismatic, focused individual intent on spreading love through his medium, breaking down the self- imposed divide that society has placed between different forms of art, and elevating everyone he touches sonically to euphoric empowerment.