- Applefly


ME I was born in 1983 and I started my musical education with classics and then continued with punk rock... As time flew, I discovered more and more new styles and directions, dived in a magic world of chords, sequences and harmonies. As time passed, tastes differed. I tried not to stuck on a something particular... PUNK ...electronic sound always affected me, even at those times when I was reckless punk. I never knew why. I knew what a synthesizer was, but had no clue about sound producing... MTV ... when the 90's informational crisis passed, MTV stroke my brains. Literally! Everything at once became so interesting... DJ'ing Couple years I occupied myself with deejaying in a night club. But no longer enough! I never could understand why should I put on something that a FORMAT dictates to me... FORMAT is no for me! FORMAT KILLS AN ESSENCE OF DJing. APPLEFLY ... I'm very critical about what I do, that is why I press "export audio" button not as often as I would like. I am not an industry or a plant. I am a musician...