- Albin Mombrun


Albin Mombrun is a 24 years old french man. Attracted to electronic music since his childhood, with a strong musical curiosity, Albin is an appreciated, versatile and innovative DJ.As a producer, Albin evolved a lot since his debuts, and is now playlisted in clubs, radios or podcasts, thanks to his aggressive and dancefloor-oriented remixes.He started producing his own electro house and minimal sounds four years ago, and now he sign on different labels like Pearlicka, Njoy, Soundwaves and many more with his own name or other pseudonym. He starting to develop some new project with new talents.On the dancefloor side, he played as a guest in many clubs from the Rhone Alpes region and in some other clubs across France. His live mixes, with a lot of dancefloor beats, allow him to be appreciated from the crowd. He likes to propose innovative playlists, with many exclusivities, making each of his appearances unique.