- Akuma


Hailing from the gloom of Akron, Ohio...Akuma was born.Using dark inspirations from his metal influences and pastexperiences, Akuma brings to you a whole new versatile setof EDM unto which your virgin ears have never heard. T heveteran producer combines the likes of electro, progressivehouse, dubstep, and trance to bring you some of the moreoriginal sounds the EDM scene has to offer. Combining thevocals of himself as well as features from both national andinternational vocalists and producers, you won't want to turnoff those speakers anytime soon. He has performed withsuch acts as Sadhu, Dopapod, and Cedric Gervais. He hasalso headlined shows around the midwest, including somewith Dank, Hulk, Autoerotique and more. Minions, beware.You will soon enter the pit of demonic wavelengths thatdominate the airwaves. Enter, Akuma.