Key Commands
 - Yoikol


Spanish DJ and producer who made a career of himself throughout the club’s underground scene in Toledo. In early 2003, he showed everybody his great worth in “Sala Weekend” and did his bit for “Sithon’s Club” by producing and improving t heir previous elect ronic music-program. This surprising DJ has been presented at the DJ booths of the most important and popular clubs in the city, Such as; “El Gallo” and “Chill-Out Café” and took an active part during the “Villatech Festival” (musical point of reference of the province that year).However, the real opportunity began in front of 8,000 people in 2008. Yoikol decided to take the risk and demonstrate his personal recordings to the world, during the New Year eve event that was held in the capital and he quoted [It was so exciting; I would do it again wit h no doubt ]; That t ime next year, he came back and repeated that marvelous performance.Last but not least, In 2010 Yoikol locked himself in a studio and decided to carry his music and career to a different level of art. 2011 is a great year publishing new releases on Resopal Schallware, Globox and other importants labels.