- William Welt


“Welt” meaning “World” in German but taken from the UK term “Give it some welt” is the production and DJ alias of Newcastle based William Reed. After discovered dance music at an early age and getting his first set of decks at just 15 like most British 15-year olds he discovered electronic music through the genres of Trance and Hard House. But as he got older his tastes matured and soon he started buying his first Techno records. His tastes further developed when he started to experiment with different genres, and he went through a phase of playing sped up Progressive House blended with pitched down TechnoLater discovering Tech House and Minimal his music taste became more refined and things started to get deeper and darker. By the age of 17 William started to experiment with production and his early music was very experimental and by self-explanation “more than abit mental”.Over time he refined his studio techniques and toned down his experimental nature and in 2010 released his first track on the Hamburg based Eminor Binary label. As well as continuing to releasing music on a number of record labels both in and around Europe William is also the founder and one half one half of “22 Digit Records”, which is an outlet for his deeper more House orientated side. He also heads up half of the dark T echno/Minimal label “Dead Cert Records” which is the Mr Hyde to his DR Jekyll of music tastes.