- Trancemission


It’s been a good 10 year journey for Ojos and Gandluk behind their duo project Trancemission, which is one of the leading progressive acts coming from Mexico. Throughout this time they’ve accomplished plenty, beginning for their signing in Iboga’s artist roster and their number-oner debut album on Iboga Mexico, which ensured a few weeks on the very top of the psyshop charts. But their true achievements have taken place on stage all throughout Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Australia and Central America; this is where their magic is uncovered.Trancemission could not be going through a better phase, as the boys are working harder than ever after a well-earned break in which they have both explored their individual musical interests. Trancemission will be working on their new releases, inlcuidng their new studio album set for launch on Maia Records. Fresher than ever, and ready to blast with their latest sound, give way to the new Trancemission!