- The Banister Soul


After several years of separate experience in the Clubbing scene of the north-east of Italy, Lamberto (Kill Beach / 202) and Karis (Polar Noise / Sabotage Recording) take the decision to follow up their consciousness with a revelation trip in the United Kingdom in the wonderful London. Here they discover again the soul of music with new sounds experiences and visual revelations. During their long walks close the Thames they can appreciate the warm of the silence and talk about the soul's expansions in front of the Pagoda and how to bring the same sensation to the people that can't heard the same atmosphere of these silence moments. So they grew the idea to start recording sounds around the city and develope different knowledges in the wave modulation and mixing as well. Four months later, after some party and new friends they decide to become The Banister Soul and at the same time they start to play twice a month at the famous club "The Russian Bar".In last Jenuary they came back in italy with the intention to convey the same sensations that the music gave to them.