- Stefano Munari


The impact of d.j. Stefano Munari is a compelling music selection, focused and strong due to a lot of experience between console and radio. Thanks to years of stage presence at private parties and public events, which have developed in him the typical professional eye, Stefano manages the dance floor in any musical situation, from evergreens to the latest Hits, his musical repertoire involves and satisfies many types of people who are having fun in a party atmosphere. Versatility is Stefano's strongest point: from the DJ set that saw him guest in the best clubs of the Triveneto and in some places abroad, including Slovenia, Croatia and Spain, ranging from the selection of sophisticated music tracks for a refined Aperitivo to entertainment during a convention, an inauguration, or a private party.To highlight its successful music program, which "fun proof" guaranteed, it adds its voice animation, funny and engaging, never shouted. Stefano makes his audience the Star of the moment! His experience, last but not least, is completed with twenty years experience in the radio world. In the October 2013 the first production: “I was made for lovin’ you”, a tribute to a legendary rock band like Kiss, with the voice of Max Panico and a deep version mixed by Max Millan. Follow up with "Otherside" in february 2014.