- William Doria


William Doria was born in 1987 in Chioggia (Venice), a little city of northestern Italy. About the age of fifteen, he have fallen in love with Techno minimal music, thanks to the listening to djs like Dandi e Ugo, Tiefschwarz, Pastaboys, Format:B, until one day he bought a consolle so he had learned to mix without anyone's help. All this is not enough for him, so at the age of 23 he felt the desire of produce his own music: he bought a "Mac", and a simple midi keyboard. William Doria have played in sundry local place and during this years as a dj, he met an another dj, Jhon Touch aka Giovanni Tiozzo, wherewith shares the same musical tastes, and together they founded the "Knock-Out". They had played in different places like "Madam" (Ferrara), "K- Club" (Jesolo), "Tomato" (Sottomarina di Chioggia), having so the oppotunity to cooperate with Dj like Marco Bellini, Paolo Cecchetto and vocalist like Cristiano. Determined and full of ideas, William keeps on his biggest passion..the music..his own music.