- Session Victim


Repping it for RETREAT & DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR while ripping dancefloors across Europe, SESSION VICTIM are renowned for unleashing the whole package of house, disco & soul power. Catch them on the one's and two's and you will find a devoted pair of vinyl DJ’s playing it from the heart with every record and be sure not to miss their blood, sweat and no tears live set; you’ll most likely find the cl...ub turned upside down, no matter if it's Hamburg's EGO, Berlin's TAPE , Zürich's ZUKUNFT or London's CORBET PLACE. From Hauke Freer's MY BEAT debut 12” in 2007 to Matthias Reiling's “Das Gespenst von Altona” LP in 2010, SESSION VICTIM have released a ton of funk via REAL SOON, MORRIS AUDIO, HAIRY CLAW, DOG, GIEGLING, Hauke's vinyl only imprint RETREAT and most recently WOLF MUSIC. Being played regularly from a wide spectrum of DJ’s like JIMPSTER, SEBO K, THE REVENGE and MR SCRUFF, Hauke & Matthias don't care about the boundaries of house music, taking it from Disco to Soul to Hiphop and back, stamping love on every groove and leaving a smile on everyone’s faces.