- Roger Grey


Roger Grey one of the most known dj/Producers from Mexico, started his carrer at the age of 17 years old at the gay circuit scene and at the same time started making music learning by himself and now his productions had been played all around the world in the biggets Circuit Festivals by the best circuit djs like Mauro Mozart, Micky Frieddman, Sebastien Triumph, Tommy Love, Isaac Escalante, Aron, Nacho Chapado, Adrian Dalera, Thomas Solvert, Ivan Gomez, Alex Acosta, Sagi Kariv, Oscar Velazquez and Gsp just to mention a few, also he signed with the most renowed labels like Guareber Recordings, Epride Musical Digital, House Of Labs Records, Queen House Records. He had played at the best clubs in Mexico and also big International gigs in Brasil, South Korea, Dubai, Colombia and France.