- Esteban Lopez


Esteban Lopez, born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, is a professional DJ/Producer who's career started in 2008.
Today he is one of the most played DJ’s in the global LGTBI Clubs and Music Charts. 
His Music productions are an hibrid mix with, Progresive House,Tech house and Tribal.
You can nd his songs in the most important Labels like Matinee Records, Audio4play, Queen House and as well in Guarever Recordings, one of the Labels where most of his songs have being released reaching several top 100 in the most important digital stores in the world. Currently Esteban Lopez is the number 1 selling artists in Guarever Recordings and Audio4play, also being one of the composers for the music anthem of We Party , 3 years on a row. Easy to notice his 10 years of experience as a DJ in every session, giving a complete fresh and energetic set. He has Played sessions in international events like Pride Festival 2018,(The Week Carioca) Fabrik Madrid, Players Party(Kapital Madrid)Sun Man, Construction (Portugal,Lisboa), La Kiff (París), Be Yourself, Sala Republik (Madrid), Titos (Palma de Mallorca), La Matina (Valencia), Aqua (Torremolinos), Lucifer (Torremolinos), World Pride Madrid Parade 2017 and 2018, where more than 3 million people gathered. Highlighting ocial remixes to U2, Paris Hilton and Lenny Kravitz with Binomio, Taito Tikaro, Sagi Kariv, Nacho Chapado, Steven Redant, Hector Fonseca, Micky Friedmann, Guy Scheiman, Lydia Sanz, Dj Suri, Chris Daniel or Thomas Solvert among others.