- Reaction


David Z immerman brings you Reaction.. a mix of Deep, Progressive, Tech and Electro House. Reaction creates a new type of Dance music that mixes funk with progressive house to make a multitude of different vibes and experiences. Reaction brings Depth and Soul to his music through his unique style of production: the combination of bass heavy tracks with detailed soundscapes and ambience creates amazing feeling and dynamics that will pull you into his music. Reaction was conceived to share visions, experiences, and moments through sound; to connect to the listener on a spiritual level and enhance any moment, experience, or setting. Reaction seamlessly crosses over multiple genres of Electronic Dance Music with his unique style and blends. He keeps his authentic sound and feeling while somehow making each and every track unique and completely different. Reaction brings raw, unfiltered, underground house music that has a fresh take and a unorthodox approach: Intelligent, organic, and effortlessly intricate, Reaction consistently delivers amazing grooves and melodies