- Devochka


Mayra Ferreira leads the project “Devochka”, resident of the reputable parties “ Concept” and “Boombay” , and is a fan of electronic music since a little girl. Began playing just for fun at the parties that her friends used to do at her home town, upstate of Minas Gerais. Since then, be a DJ ́s gone from being a dream for this girl. An year later, she moved for Belo Horizonte and saw new opportunities appear. In a short time, Devochka already has in her curriculum presentations at Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo and lots of cities of Minas Gerais , including the most famous dance clubs of Belo Horizonte, as Deputamadre and Roxy Club. With an image and presence in the stage, good mixes and always with a smile on her face, Devochka is winning her space on the electronic scene and presenting herself at the side of greatest icons of the e-music.