- Rawtee


Rawtee is a pioneering DJ/producer with a finger on the pulse of global bass culture. Recommended by DJ MAG as a shining talent in the North American Drum and Bass scene, Rawtee's penchant for break-neck beats and brutal synths is a best selling dance music combination with a passionate following around the world. Pushing his archaic bass music sounds in multiple tempos has garnered him support from a variety of DJ's from Eptic to Dieselboy. Self taught, uncompromising and a natural born leader, Rawtee occupies a space in US dance music not often traveled. Never one to bite more than he can chew, his output since 2004 is a poem of powerful anthems touted on both sides of the Atlantic, gracing a number of prestigious and well known outlets. As his productions reach new heights we can only guess what to expect from him next.