- Leaf


Back in 2012, jungle legend Potential Badboy gave a then-unknown producer's track a spin in the hallowed halls of Fabric. That's a big moment for any up-and-comer, and it sparked a chain reaction that's still ongoing. That young, aspiring drum 'n' bass producer was Leaf, and his ascent since then has been dramatic. South African born, Scotland and Isle-of-Wight bred, Leaf found his style amidst a melting pot of influences. The sounds of reggae, rock, jazz, blues and more all found their way into the crucible, to give him a style and approach all of its own. Since then, Leaf has been catching the eye of label bosses from every corner of the scene, from jump-up to jungle. Serial Killaz, Biological Beats, Kartoonz, Grid, and Jungle Cakes are just a small selection of the disparate imprints to have released his music, garnering support from iconic selectors like Nicky Blackmarket, Noisia, TC, Hype, and Hazard along the way. Add in national radio airplay on stations like 1Xtra and KISS, and releases lined up on RAM, AudioPorn and more, it's no surprise that Leaf's prole is rising ever-higher. With a booking schedule encompassing Fabric, festivals, Innovation, and Invaderz, the versatile styles of Leaf are set to take him into the top tier. Pay close attention to what's next...