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POW-LOW BIO 2013POW-LOW aka PAOLO FEDRIGOLI was born in the Italianpart of Switzerland. he went through a regular school careerand played in several high school metal bands, drums,vocals & synths. promoted and played his first live gig with13, released his first tracks with 17 years of age.after a degree in economics (matura) he studied recordingengineering & production at the famous FULL SAIL universityin Orlando, Florida. he signed his first production contractwith Gary Platt (Prince, Bon Jovi, Yellow Jackets...) where hewas given the opportunity to learn the Synclavier system. in1988 he moved to LOS ANGELES where he got a job at theworld famous RECORD PLANT studios in HOLLYWOOD(Guns and Roses, Billy Idol, Beastie Boys, JeffersonAirplane, Whitesnake, Full Force...).in 1990 he toured the MT V/SWAT CH tour and then got hiredby the south African BOP-ST UDIOS where he was chiefhouse engineer for the biggest recording studio of the world.he there mixed the soundtrack for the WALT DISNEY featurefilm SERAFINA (executive produced by Quincy Jones) andproduced Z EROp, a Swiss metal band, this album becamealbum of the month in Japan and France. Paolo then becamechief sound engineer at GREENWOOD, LIMELIT E /PRIMET IME studios.during 1993 he produced and remixed CORONER, theworld's pioneers of death- & trash metal. CORONER hassold over 500'000 units.in 1994 he started his own band NO RELIGION and gotsigned to EMI/Virgin. he's released 2 albums and severalsingles. NO RELIGION was Switzerland’s leading crossoverband. they merged metal and progressive electronic musicto a unique stile. with several music videos on VIVA andMT V they got worldwide attention and got booked overseas.NO RELIGION was the first European band to do an internetconcert in the USA. one of NO RELIGION'S creativehighlights was the synchronized soundtrack to the totaleclipse of the sun in 1999, found on the hit single T HE SUNKING and on the VIRGIN rec. album FIRE. the album alsocontains a cover version of AC/DC's HELLS BELLS. they'vereleased tracks on Switzerland nb. 1 record label forprogressive house music: SOG records and charted worldwide! POW-LOW's music has been used withinternational commercial and promo campaigns such asSWAT CH, ALFA ROMEO, PHILIPP MORRIS, SWISSAIR, CNN,NBA, NHL, MLB a.m.o.1999, Z ürich, Switzerland: POW-LOW started his owncompany and recording studio: SCHALLZ ENT RALE GmbH.by today the studio is one of Switzerland’s leading facility forproduction and mastering. a highlight was the mastering ofa PET ER GABRIEL record. he's earned several platinum &gold awards. many tracks & remixes produced at his studiogot released on EMI / VIRGIN, UNIVERSAL, SUDBEAT,AUT IST, OPEN, Z ENON, SOG records. Pow-Low is a officialbeta-tester for NAT IVE INST RUMENT S T RAKT OR.POW-LOW is one of Switzerland’s top producer & dj. he'splayed in every leading club of the country (FRIEDA’S BÜXE,CABARET, HIVE, club Q, Supermarket amo. ), was a residentat Z urichs famous clubs such as OXA andROHST OFFLAGER. POW-LOW also plays most Swissoutdoor festivals.today he's got his own event label HERT Z which soonbecame one of the country's most popular festival & partypromoter featuring international artists such as INFECT EDMUSHROOM, GAISER, LIQUID SOUL, KHAINZ , WEEKENDHEROES, SENSIENT, EGBERT, ANT IX, INFUSION, XDREAM,KOXBOX, AT MOS, T ICON, ACE VENT URRA amo.HERT Z ’s main events are the AMPHIT HEAT ERELECT RONIC FEST IVAL, TANZWIESE @ Z üri Fäscht and amonthly club-party held at the FRIEDA’S BÜXE in Z ürich.his track releases are of highest production and musicalquality. many of them charted in top20 on beatport.