- Phouz


Felipe, Aka Phouz is part of the new crop of producers that has gained prominence in Brazil, totally influenced by unique melodies, groove and emotion, its sound will always vary by genre, currently its sound goes from Techno to House melodic,His productions are always trying to touch him in some emotional way, whether in aesthetics or wonderful melodies, already released by record companies around the world, some highlights for Prisma Techno (BR), Progrezo Records (GER) and Reload Records (GER).With its productions gaining prominence, Phouz felt the need to convey all that emotion to a larger audience, that is, to a track.Then he also managed to go through excellent clubs in Brazil, highlights for D- EDGE, premiering along with CREW Prisma Techno in his showcase. And another great night at your favorite club, Club 88 in another showcase for the SONNORA label.artist request by prisma techno booking@prismatechno.com.br