- Norm Talley


Born and raised on Detroits westside in the late 60's Norm's addiction to music began at an early age.By the age of 13 years old Norm's diverse musical outlook consisted of Disco,Progressive,Jazz.Starting off Norm collected good music(45's-8-tracks-Vinyl)with proceeds earned from his paper route and eventually was introduced to Ken Collier who just happened to live 3 blocks over so needless to say most of the Disco and Progressive I attained was through Ken who was a DJ mentor for me.At this point and time I only had one turntable an eight-track player a receiver and some speakers.So I would have friends over and play records and we would dance until we were sweating!!So one day a friend that would come over and vibe was having a backyard party and needed a DJ and asked me to do it which was really special to me because I had never did a party in my life,I only had one turntable and couldn't mix!!So back to Grindstone I went to earn the money to buy a turntable and a mixer and a tape deck which I had about two months to get.At that time I made about $30 dollars a week and before you know it I was at HD Sounds putting together a system(Gem Sounds,Sharp tape deck excellent for pause button mixes,pioneer turntable)So it was on!I did the party which turned out to be a success and got some more offers to do more gigs which began a career on the decks that stands to date!!So in 1985 I began to archive the mixes I was doing on Cassette tapes(over 500)and did that for 15 years up until the year 2000 when I began making mixed CDs which I have over 400 to date!