- Munko


-Munko is a guy Amazigh origin established in Barcelona since 1986, and since childhood felt a strong attraction to the rhythms Funk, Disco, Electro and House early times and musicians of 80/90s, serving all of great influence on her current taste perception on Electronic Music.-Its origins as Dj date back 1999 after having learned to mix in a friend's house and bought his first pair of Turntables, since that year has come as local and small Clubs of House and Techno at Barcelona and Catalonia under the name Munko.-Later 2002 he was a founding member of Lakorp known techno Djs collective dedicated to the assembly of undergroud festivals and Rave "free partys" as the "Anti- Sonar", "Anti-Benicassim" among others, covering cities such as Madrid, Barcelona , Tarragona, Girona, or Zaragoza.Today is back to its origins and influences House and is next to Angel and Omar Gomez looked founder of "The Family" group of Djs trained by them and other local Djs with great prospects nationally and internationally.-Munko manages his own production company Rough Productions dedicated to Electronic Dance Music, works in creating music Deep-House, House and Techno sub genres, his style mixes and productions traveling from the Deep-House more fresh atmospheric and elegant House through influences of the countries hottest and sensual world percussion mixed with magnetic suggestive with deep bass and harmonies that reach productions with synthetic Tech-House style unmistakable