- Matthew Yates


I am a singer, DJ/Producer. I've worked musical magic with Stacy Kidd on several different record labels. I now currently own my own record labels one through Kingdom Digital Music Group called "High Fidelity Records & My new solo Label "4 Matt Productions", I've also worked with The Galaktik Knights, Glenn Underground, Sheree Hicks, DJ Sean Ali, & Charles Robertson aka Sol4orce. Andy Soul Sindane, H.O.D.5. aka Tisetso Ntsheno, both of South Africa, Jays Toyrobot, Distant People, Paul Johnson, Melvin Meeks, Soul Light Productions, just to name a few. I have played key roles on several different projects and productions on House music labels such as “YellOrange Records”, “Bumpin’ City Records”, “MiCasa Records”, ”KULA Records”, “South Soul Elements Records”, ”Sheeva Records”, ”House4Life Records” were some of Matthew Yates collaborations and still more to come. With the Lords blessings I plan to keep it moving under the new found name, High Fidelity Records. As time progressed Matthew has Grown within the Kingdom Digital Music Group and created a sub label called Deep Rooted Invasion. D.R.I. was spawned by Lefa Miya of South Africa to put down Deep, DeepSoul, and Afro House to make a way for our producers in South Africa. We here at High Fidelity Productions give you a warm welcom to our Kingdom Digital Music Group family. So be on the look out for High Fidelity Records & Deep Rooted Invasion We're in for a musical ride. Let's Go 4Matt Productions & TeamKDMG!!!!!!!