- Terry


Born in Barcelona in the decade of 80s, proceeding from humble Andalusian family, Terrry showed in a very early age a strong feeling towards music thanks to growing up in a family environment in which musical notes and partitutes were part of his day by day. He is a classical music lover, faithful follower of Soul and Funky of the early 70s. In the 90s, he discovers (with a little bit of delay) the Techno from Detroit, in which he goes into thanks to artists like Juan Atkins, Derrick May or Kevin Saunderson. After years of musical training, he began his career as a producer. Terrry is positioned in a scene of Tech melodic, harmonic and visceral. He developes two kinds of Lives, one more quiet, where he uses data label references as Diynamic, Visionquest, Suara or Paulatine, this one led by Uner. And a second side that is harder and more electronic with references of artists like Carlo Lio, Julian Jewel, Bart Skils or Richie Hawtin.