- Mapaii


Mapaii is a DJ and music producer from Portugal. His contact with music was very early in his life, at age 15 he became a DJ and during the 90s, he began to explore synthesizers and drum machines and making music using hardware sequencers, since then he has been dedicated to electronic music and the underground movement. His sound has in uences of Acid, Techno and Psytrance composing a very peculiar and unique style, with deep bass lines and strong and hypnotic melodies. Each song produced by Mapaii is a journey with wake-up messages, always bringing new sounds and good vibes to the dance oor. The "Future Visions Label" invited Mapaii to show his visions for us. The message was given: listen, feel and transcend ... the most important of all things is to enjoy the sound and dance with everyone who is involved in this energy, celebrating life on the dance oor.