- Makasi


Makasi is an Antwerp based dj.From Urban to House, his style is so diverse, he can entertain any crowd, no matter how big or demanding. A traveller by heart, he likes to explore different genres and decades, mashing everything creatively. He adapts his playlist to connect with the crowd, building on a vibe that keeps the party going.Makasi has a long history at the turntable.As an eight year old he was already making mix tapes for friends using two walkmans (yes, that far back!). At the age of twelve, he was mixing in his bedroom while other kids were sleeping. At only 14, he was entertaining a full house at De Cinema, now known as Publik.Makasi knew then, “this is my thing”.Since then, he has progressed consistently playing ever longer sets and creating original mashups. He has toured major American cities and most of Europe, playing at clubs and festivals. Tomorrowland saves a spot for him every year and even Tomorrowworld had him igniting the audience. While spinning around the globe, he shared the stage with top acts. Flo Rida, T Pain, Nicole Scherzinger, Wil.I.Am., 50 Cent, N.E.R.D. , A Trak, Martin Solveig, Ne Yo, to name a few. With a rep that turned heads, he became a frequent guest at Jimmy Woo in the Netherlands, Queen Club in Paris, Armani Club in Dubai, the Fashion Week in New York, Culture Club, Noxx, Carré,...