- Lieutenant Grey


LIEUTENANT GREY / GREY & SCARLET J etc. etc.“A rocking horse at the discotheque.”In essence, that’s the best description of his take on House music: oddities shipped to the dance-floor. ‘Android’ guitar riffs, filtered found- sounds, spliced-up speeches, reversed ‘n’ rehashed feedback, mis-matched delays, de-tuned sandpaper, harmonized gaffer tape… all of these can be found at ‘headquarters.’ In addition, you get regular visits to the tunesmith’s toolbox: a verse here, a chorus there…Synths, songs and cinematics. Dance music and Marshall stacks.To complete the picture, imagine a film choreographed to an endless, glacial loop. Add a rolling team of vocal collaborators. Turn up the kick…(…)In the past, the Lieutenant’s creations have been supported by the likes of Roger Sanchez, Eric Morillo, Sam Divine and Richie Hawtin. In the future, he will continue to deliver this ‘fresh noise’ at alarmingly regular intervals. This will be achieved by adapting and breaking his own rules (a truism for all public servants.)Welcome to the precinct!Contact: lieutenantgrey@yahoo.com