- LeGamel


Davide Fusina starts LeGamel project at the end of 2011.. He made little productions for little spots or for little change on the mix.. He realised some tracks before Ters music in the person of Garen Tersakyan call him to produce his first track.. Thx a lot Geren my friend!!Then it starts a good collaboration with Tronic B7 Records with some tracks and Rmxes and with Mordax Bastards (Thx a lot!!!) At the moment there are 5 tracks on his profile but much more are coming on!!! And huge huge rmxes with them!!! Artistic bio starts from child when it starts to use snares and kicks at 4 years old eheheh.. Always on line with music, his uncle starts to give him his first 90 dance EP at 8 years old and from that moment he always loved that music (also now!!) At 12 he started to study music and play some instruments particularly French Horn first and then Trumpet for some years.. This probably helped him when he decide to make his first djs set with 90 dance and other and then when it started to produce music... Influenced by the 90 dance much more with hard tracks.. it compose it firsts hard steps of Electro and Complextro music not in order with his city abituals where only can listen Commercial or Tech, Deep and other similar.. But he loves all music and he makes only for passion (a Lounge rmx also just made).. So stay tuned guys.. The best is yet to come!!!!