- DJ Salamandra


DJ Salamandra - Unique person and absolute selfmade on russian house-scene. Having given seven years to style drum'n'bass, having changed on all key russian raves and having release out two solo albums – Sound of The Sun (2005) and Supah Star (2007) on profile English labels, and also dozen plates, the young lady finds herself in a club house. While the overwhelming majority of girls-DJs is "bought" from producers by ready tracks, DJ Salamandra writes down a vocal, creates and will arrange the compositions by herself. The clear head with appearance Merilin of Monroe and working like bee Maja, she causes sincere admiration in admirers. Her amazing power, exclusive selection and thin, almost psychosomatic action on a dancing light up any platforms - from Egyptian Ministry of Sound Club to big stadium raves. DJ Salamandra has made by herself: having refused a role of a faceless puppet in style "Singing cowards", she has constructed faultless career on a dance music field. Acting in a genre vocal- live and release her own compositions on the best world labels - from Moscow Mediadrive Records to Mexican M-DJ Records, DJ Salamandra creates a qualitative house-product - deep and simultaneously exciting. Compositions of 2010 year of release I Miss You and Driving Me Slowly can be heard on the best European dancings and radio-waves, top radio stations of Moscow. The western approach to production and to her own performances is peculiar to the young lady: behind revolving objects she prefers progressive, club and the most actual now in Europe tech 'n' funky house, each time skilfully seasoning with her live vocal.