KNTRL is a Maltese/Berlin based electronic act that formedin the Winterof 2013. The duo consists of multi-instrumentalists ClintSpiteri & ErickSaliba. Having first met at a house party, they instantlybecame friends fortheir shared passion for post punk & new wave music. Thisled way to theformation of their band project, "Dolls For Idols", along with athird member Aaron Sammut (drummer). The bandpioneered the Indie/electronic scene on the Island and hadlocal success with their album, "Paste & Rave’n’roll". Clint &Erick have since moved to Berlin to pursue their careers asElectronic producers, leading them to create KNTRL. Theirpast direction inspired them to experiment more into thedark side of electronic music, keeping in touch with theirearly influences & band ideology.