- John Min


John Min was born in 1994 at Orestiada, Greece and started his DJ career at the age of 18. Until now, he has appeared in several places in the Northern Greece and abroad [worth to mention: The Real RocknRolla, Luv Club, Pecabo Bar (Orestiada), Vira Festival (Ferres), Thema Bar (Axd),Move Bar (Plovdiv - Bulgaria) and Free Bar (Plovdiv - Bulgaria)]. Also, John has shared the decks with some of the greatest local DJs like: CJ Jeff, Junior Pappa, Thodoris Triantafillou, G-Pal, Echonomist, Luis Junior, Mariano Mellino + more. Whereas he is organizing his own underground events under the name "Switch On The Night" and has already released in Del Sol Music Records,Soleid,Vagabond promising that there are much more to come!You can catch the latest info of John Min at the following social media.Facebook: www.facebook.com/John-Min-2120772...t_homepage_panel YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/DJminOfficial Mixcloud:www.mixcloud.com/johnmin1848/