- Joffrey Lorquet


Joffrey Lorquet (Born 25 April 1999) is a Haitian-American electro house DJ, record producer, and remixer. He came from a musical background family and at an early age, he hasbeen introduced to music theory.He had never been interested in EDM until the day he discovered "levels" which is a track made by Avicii.It was the first time he experienced House Music.From that moment, he found interest in this type of music and started listening more and more to similar tracks and other genres.A few weeks later, he started doing some research on music production and began learning about measures and bars.He found a digital Audio Workstation software called "Fl Studio"He was only 11 years old when he discovered Fruity Loops. As a pianist and drummer, he said it was quite easy for him to understand this software application, which he uses to this day.Joffrey received positive feedbacks from other DJs like Michael Brun, Third Party and many more!He is currently working on future hits that he can’t wait to share with the world and his music is very promising.