- Intersys


InterSys are Omri Azran and Moshe Maman from Israel. Established in mid 2006, this energetic due has managed to release countless releases in various compilations, remixes the biggest names in the Psy scene, and made 3 highly successful studio albums with countless EP/Singles releases and their successful compilation release; “The Vault”, and burn out dance floors worldwide. Coming from a rich musical background and inspired by many musical genres, InterSys never stop to surprise. Their tracks are always innovative and bold. As time passed many fans joined the InterSys nation and InterSys decided to add some spices to their live show. This way the "Break & Destroy" tour was born. Reinforced by Ella Doron (Vocals) - Who already performed in many tours with InterSys and won the audience's love, Alex Rotman (Drums) - Who brings in fresh groovy rhythms, stage experience and a show you'll never forget, Flash (Guitars) - An amazingly talented guitarist to slash your eardrums. InterSys new model is well adjusted to the dance floor, after 6 years of experience on raves worldwide; they perfected their music to become more and more un-resistible.


Psy Trance Treasures 2013 (99 Best of Full-on, Progressive & Psychedelic Goa Hits)
Phase Phour, Harmony T. Panda, Biokinetix, L.D.B., Flowjob, Vaktun, Kid Vicio, Lost Shaman, 20X, Solar Spectrum, Geo, The Dude, Clean Noise, Sound Device, Goosebumps, Enarxis, Vegas, Keemiyo, Minoru, TheoBroma, Alternative Control, Wizzy Fusion, Frost Raven, Divasonic, Bratex, Tuk, Ainur, Optical Report, Hypohektika, Danielsan, Tavi, Index, Uriel Noise, Talamasca, Naya, Senix, Pleiadians, MegaDrop, Atomic Pulse, Mind Storm, Try2fly, Perfect Havoc, Shift, A.P.E., Phoenix, Sonic Elysium, Virtual Light, Acid Prophecy, Goe, 01-n, Deimos, Psilocybian, Innovation Modification, Han Solo, Argon Sphere, Kelle & Juha, Shake, Talpa, Sulima, Micro Scan, Shameless, Electrypnose, Cerebral Factory, Karash, Wisenevil, Digital Tribe, Radioactive Project, Pulsar, Thaihanu, Onyx, Abomination, Polypheme, Raz, Metzanima, Volcano, Terraformers, Phonic Request, Serotonik, Meccano, Trash Dealers, Sokrates, Anomalia, Twisted Reaction, Gab.E.Motion, Mesmerizer, XSI, Meteor Burn, Digital Sound Project, I.Dot, Jirah, Isoe, Mind Controller, Kinesis, DNA, Injection, Fft, Arahat, Random Light, Intersys, Polaris, Crystal Network, Lagun, Attik (Mexico), Tetuna, Raptor, Trinodia, Nostromosis, Snag The Sunshepherd, Nimue, Diffus, Hyghwave, Paraforce, Wicked Wires, Psyboriginal, Smoke Sign, Alchemix, Crying Freemen, Predators, Random, Tripy, BPM, Tetuna, Ectima, Cosmic Station, Quality Sound, Sychodelicious, Jaws Underground, Sienis, Tetrium, Aloes, Micro Scan, Random Robot, Polypheme, Enertopia
EDM Records | 2013-08-21