- Idek


IDEK was born in January 26th 1989. He showed interest in music since early age. When he was 10 he took a keybord lessons, but he droped it some time later. When he was a teenager he was fascinated in djing and more and more interested in making his own beats. Because of some financial obstacles he couldn't fulfill his dreams of becoming a dj for some time. When he was 21 in november 2010 he bought his first dj eguipment and started to master mixing skills. Quite soon after that, in december 2011 he decided to start making his own beats, remixes and mashups to be creative and original. Since then he played in few clubs in Poland alongside some of the finest polish djs like Angelo Mike, Tiddey, Carla Roca, Cez Are Kane or K.C. Krzysztof Chochlow. He also had an opportunity to play with international, well known Dj Lucca from Prague. His own ambitions and big dream is to become a well known dj and producer. He realizes this is very, very hard to accomplish, but he doesn't give up so easily. When he couldn't find places where he can play and show music he loves he started making music and try to catch sb's attention in this way. So far in less than a year he signed seven of his tracks, with small labels like Fantik Records, House Park Records or Groovack Musick as weel as some bigger ones like Renesanz Records, Wormys Records, Berlin Aufnahmen - some of them are already released, another ones are about to release soon. Of course he works all the time on new projects.