- Hathor Libra


Cristian Comes aka Hᴀᴛʜᴏʀ Lɪʙʀᴀ (Born November 30, 1990 in Termoli, Molise) is a DJ / producer in IDM, Techno, Melodic House & Beats.The style is inspired by an eclectic and analytical listening of the underground electronic wave of 3 generations ('80 / '90 / '00) and evolves into incessant research and exploration of clean, deep and enigmatic sounds. A solid passion for the techno culture and the belonging to the Apulian scene club shape every note, groove and melody of his creation, and dig more deeply into his expressive/musical orientation.The sound is therefore influenced by various artists from complementary but rhythmically different universes.Despite having played for years as a dj/producer in the homeland, under alias Khristian C, the most popular releases are among the most recent, "Domino" produced by 3EXIT Group Recordings and his first official EP "Archetypum" produced by Smiley Fingers’ Larry Cadge label.